» 125 years of service to the Group!

TeamWe were delighted at the end of March to do a long-service presentation to 4 of the team who work in the Group - Andy Carcary, Russell Mclaren and Mike Mcmanamon all of McLeods and Scott Mcnae of Meldrum - who collectively have amassed circa 125 years of service to the businesses. Quite a milestone achievement!

» Meldrum invests for the future

Successful businesses have always seen the need for development of their people and the strategic business is one that identifies and recruits staff with potential and employs them into the firm in a timely fashion. Sometimes such staff are employed in a development role from Day 1 of their employment, with a training programme planned to ensure they grow into a qualified role to suit the business needs down the line.

The middle of 2014 saw Meldrum appoint two apprentices into the firm, and the road to becoming a time-served joiner is a very different one for both of the recruits Andrew and Fraser…

Andrew Gray is now 17 years old and joined Medrum at the end of fourth year having studied at Perth High School. He currently has approximately two and a half years to go to finish his apprenticeship and Andrew was keen to move on from secondary education in order that he could gain practical career experience in a “real work” environment.  Fraser Anderson on the other hand is 28 years old and is following an adult apprenticeship scheme having been in the army for 5 years (40ro Regiment Royal Artillery) after which he studied for a year at Perth College UHI . Faser has one and a half years to apprenticeship completion.

How are they finding apprenticeship life and specifically working life at Meldrum Design and Property Services…?

Fraser says “I was itching to get out of college and get back into working life and the opportunity with Meldrum was ideal. It was very much a ‘new career, new lease of life’ decision for me on leaving the army and following the path that I did. I haven’t regretted any part of it and I enjoy the variety of work here. It’s a different environment from my previous career and Meldrum is very much a wee family – I like it! The full time study path at the College suited me and gave me a great basis for the work that I do day in, day out”.

Andrew adds “It’s certainly harder work than it was in school life and I enjoy the variety. I think one of the biggest changes is in me as a person – I’m much more confident as an individual since starting work here. The banter and camaraderie has brought me out of my shell and it’s a supportive work environment. I’m focused on working through the apprenticeship and learning all I can; it’s ‘onwards and upwards’ for me!”

Both Andrew and Fraser see future career development with the firm and recognise Project Management as an ideal progression for them in due course. The only negative comment on working life was a typical joint response “those early start, cold winter mornings!”

Group Chief Executive Derek Petterson commented on the apprenticeship programme “We’ve had a successful partnership with Perth College UHI for some time now and I was delighted that we were in a position to employ Fraser last year who had completed the programme we supported as a scholarship partner. In addition, young Andrew was an ideal recruit who had the ambition to join a locally owned and run family business like Meldrum. As a business group, we moved out of the financial crunch years in a healthy position and this has allowed us over the past 18 months to concentrate on our people development programme of which the apprenticeship positions are an integral part”.  

» Service of the month - Home Extensions

New year, new plans and new ideas.... have you gone into 2015 with ideas for your home? Is it time to seriously think about extending your property and making some improvements?

Come chat with the team at Meldrum Property & Design Services and discuss your ideas. We've an experienced team that can help you create the idea, do the design, work through the plans and budgets and deliver the end result. Give us a call on 01738 629175 to make an appointment!